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Heated Floors

Most people that own heated floor systems prefer them over more traditional types of heating systems associated with the home for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is because radiant floor heating systems provide a very comfortable feeling and do not make any noise while in operation. They heat each and every room from the ground up giving warmth to the feet and the body first. This heat is also distributed evenly throughout the entire floor. This is what makes heated floors completely unique and different from other warming arrangements such as wood stove units, hot air systems and other types of radiators which only warm localised areas. Heating bills can be lowered quite substantially when a switch is made to this floor heating system as it prevents common problems such as drafts and the circulation of dust associated with forced air heating systems occurring. This is of special benefit to allergy sufferers and the likes who are looking to get rid of all the allergens lurking in their homes as well as prevent any future ones from gaining entry.

Radiant heated floor systems come perfectly equipped with a thermostat which can be set lower than first anticipated. This is because the surface area of the floor radiates the same amount of heat as the human body making you feel warm even though the temperature in the air might be moderately low. This heat is also radiated much longer than forced air heating systems. Another benefit of using a heated floor system is that it reduces the amount of outside air filtering into the structure of the home. Boiler temperatures can also be set lower which allows them to last much longer than usual and require less servicing. Homeowners using a heated floor system can see savings of up to 20% when compared to regular forced air systems. The greatest advantage for some is that, because heated floor mats are set under the floor, they are literally invisible. There are no heat registers or radiators to obstruct the layout of furniture and interior design. Keep warm with the electric floor warming mat. Gently heat tile, stone, laminate and floating wood floors for comfortable walking surfaces all year round. Safe and easy to install, the floor warming mat is approved for all residential and most commercial applications. Dual-wire construction within the purple wire generates ultra-low Electro Magnetic Field for additional comfort and safety.

Unlike forced-air heating, radiant floor heating doesn't stir up dust or allergens, and it cuts down on heat loss through infiltration. A forced-air heating system pulls air out of rooms, heats it, and blows it back into the rooms. This pressurises a house, pushing warm air out through cracks and openings.

Because a home heated solely by radiant heat isn't under pressure, the room air-and heat-stays inside. And, because of the way radiant heating works, you needn't be as concerned about warm air escaping when you open a door. Although you will still feel a draft, a room heated radiantly recovers quickly.

Radiant heat warms your body and other objects rather than just the room's air. This means you can keep the thermostat turned two to three degrees lower than normal without losing comfort. It's kind of like standing in the warm sun on a cold day.